Starfield - A High Price To Pay Quest Guide


The Starfield campaign takes you to multiple locations, all with the backing of your friends in Constellation. However, one particular incident happens later in the game, which will, no doubt, surprise you. Our Starfield A High Price to Pay guide discusses this particular mission, which is certainly full of spoilers.

How to Complete A High Price to Pay in Starfield

The Starfield A High Price to Pay mission occurs shortly after No Sudden Moves. Prior to this, the Constellation group will be divided into two: those in The Lodge and those in The Eye.

Groupings in A High Price to Pay

Here's a quick summary:

  • Vladimir Sall and three Constellation companions will be aboard The Eye.
  • Walter, Noel, Matteo, Vasco, and one Constellation companion will be in The Lodge.
  • We can't say for certain what affects the locations of your full-fledged companions. We can only surmise that this may have something to do with their affinity--i.e. the one with the highest affinity will be part of the group in The Eye, and the one with the second highest affinity will be in The Lodge.

Once you talk to Noel, you'll realize that The Eye has been attacked. Shortly thereafter, someone attempts to barge inside The Lodge. You now have to choose whether you'd defend The Lodge or go to The Eye.

You need to make a decision.

What happens if you defend The Lodge

If you decide to defend The Lodge in Starfield's A High Price to Pay quest, you're told to check on Walter on the second floor. As soon as you go near, the Hunter, a Starborn warrior, appears. Here's what you need to do next:

  • Continue shooting the Hunter for a short while so that the rest of the group has time to go through the sewer passageway in the basement. Watch out for the Hunter's powers, such as summoning a duplicate of himself.
  • Proceed to the sewers, which eventually leads to The Well. The Hunter will continue chasing you, so make a run for it.
  • Upon exiting The Well, you have to continue all the way to the Spaceport, where you'll be able to take off on your ship.
  • Dock with The Eye and see what just happened.
Gallery Left: The Hunter will appear and choke Walter; Right: Your escape takes you all the way to the Spaceport.

Unfortunately, because you weren't able to go to The Eye in time, one of your companions will end up dead. In my case, Sarah died.

We believe it's because she had the highest affinity among all my companions, though we can't fully confirm that. Perhaps things would turn out differently in your playthrough.

Sarah died aboard The Eye in one of our campaigns.

What happens if you go to The Eye

If you decide to go to The Eye in Starfield's A High Price to Pay quest, be sure to do it fast because you only have a short window of time. You must exit The Lodge before Walter is choked by the Hunter. If you're unable to do this quickly, the door will be inaccessible. Here's what happens next:

  • The companion that's supposed to die in The Eye is severely wounded, but you can talk to them. They'll be able to recover afterward.
  • You still need to return to The Lodge. There, you'll see that the lone full-fledged companion is dead.
    • In Mark's campaign, it was Sam that died in The Lodge.
    • In my campaign, it was Andreja.
    • We compared notes and realized that these two had the second highest affinity among our companions.
Sarah survived because we went to The Eye.

You're not done yet, however, since you still need to head to the sewers to find Noel. Upon reaching her, the Hunter will appear.

The Starborn will still chase you, so you need to go through The Well and the Spaceport to reach your ship. From there, everyone will regroup in The Eye, and you need to plan your next moves.

Unfortunately, Andreja died in The Lodge.

Constellation has been broken after all these incidents, and the survivors have to pick up the pieces. We discuss further events in our guides regarding the Armillary, as well as whether or not you'd be able to save your companion.

Starfield is a massive game with numerous planets to explore. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our guides hub.

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